Invisible Forces

Do the invisible forces which move our state of being exist exclusively within us?  If this is so, no restructuring of things outside of one self may be responsible for any personal growth.  The restructuring of things outside is but a reflection of the internal alchemical achievements or failures.

  1. It would be presumptuous to suggest that the invisible forces which move our state of being are exclusively within us. The whole concept of what might be accurately described as existing “within us,” requires a presumption that there actually is an “inside,” and an “outside,” when it comes to what moves us. We make such suggestions as a means of attempting to describe aspects of the ineffable as they relate to the temporal, but which actually have no reference point in temporal terms.

    If we wish to relegate what we describe as our internal states to what might be influenced by “invisible forces,” in the first place, locating them at any particular locus seems like a non-sequitur.

    In my view, personal growth is the result of a symbiosis of many different components, both “internal,” and “external,” so far as those terms can be applied in a meaningful way. What we judge to be “external,” is often just the way of referencing that which originates temporally by the actions or intentions of others, and what we judge to be “internal,” is generally a way of referencing what originates temporally by our own volition, but these are positions which provide only a reference point for interacting with our fellow beings temporally, and are not applicable to the “alchemical achievements or failures,” regardless of their origins.

    We are part of that which we describe as “the universe,” and while there are numerous ways of relating to and describing the components of the physical universe, the invisible forces of which you speak are not bound by physical laws, nor can they be usurped by them.

    We construct our personal experience of the universe in conjunction with these invisible forces, but we cannot experience anything without the cooperation of the physical universe, which is founded upon, constructed by, and restructured by these same invisible forces.

    I appreciate very much your attention to my writing, and for the opportunity to consider your very fine ideas expressed here.

    Regards….John H.

    • I agree with you. Thanks for shattering a weak proposition. I am glad to give attention to your writing. I like your nullification of internal and external. I always felt that way about up and down. I feel like written language is a poorly built ship that we sailed far out into the ocean with and even after the awareness of the ship only functioning to a certain extent, we stay aboard because we are far from the place we once knew and it does not seem too easy to jump ship at this point. I like how Wittgenstein says that language is like clothing, thought is the form underneath. Language is not intended to reveal the thought just like clothing is not intended to reveal the form underneath. It has more of a public relations role intended to make calculated impressions.

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