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Mine Alone

Even the snake is no longer an enemy of mine. There is no disgust in my being for what I do not understand. If I sense a spark of fear I must face it as a God to it’s own manifestations, for it is mine alone.

– Travis the Traveler

Through Your Eyes

There is a future to look forward to
through your eyes.
And that must make you a treasure
in God’s eyes.

– Travis the Traveler


Condescending only condenses
the condescender

Sacred Strings

The string pulling war is being waged with more noise than ever before
Hold your strings sacred now
Do not try to even a score
Lest we be consumed from the core.

– Travis the Traveler

I Trust

I trust the wordless underneath the words.
The words, at best, can only try not to lie while reaching for truth.
The motions however can only try not to reveal their truth while never fully able to conceal it.
I trust, not in what is said, but in the motions shown.

– Travis the Traveler


Gift of Polarity

We do not rise without gravity.
We do not learn courage in the face of comfort.
We do not learn compassion in the absence of pain.
We are blind to our gifts by nature, and it is of no concern whether we realize it or not, for we will get all that we need.


Lesser the sound
The more profound

Pain Angers Pain

Pain transmutes to anger
Anger inflicts pain
Which is, in turn
Transmuted back to anger

The Observer

Have I been thinking
Or listening selectively
As my mind flows?
Am I not my mind
But an attentive observer
From above or below?

– Travis the Traveler

Talking to Ourselves

Talking to ourselves
We overheard each other
And began to decipher the noise
While talking to ourselves

– Travis the Traveler

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