Architects of Reality

There is a population growing in a beautiful state of mind.
We are the architects of this state.
Energy and resources may shift to creation rather than preservation.
This allows the old to die
And the new to be born.
The attachments of old
And everything we were sold
attract decomposition
And invites mold.
Let it go
And grow…

– Travis the Traveler

Inspired by:

  1. This is a great way to describe thought process and creativity.

    • LadyBlueRose’s Thoughts Into Words
    • August 18th, 2014

    within this state of mind
    as architects of this we find
    masks and walls to disassemble that blind
    one piece, one step at a time
    reassembling steps that climb
    linking through space and time
    a new way of peace we define
    leaving fears and wars behind
    creating thoughts within the state of Divine

    oh I do like your thoughts!
    Thank you for your kindness in sharing my blog of thoughts…
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • I read that three times, and once more after this reply. It truly is a place to find. The same scenery is depicted from many different perspectives. It is exciting to be aware of this process! Say hello to your garden for me!

        • LadyBlueRose’s Thoughts Into Words
        • August 19th, 2014

        it would a great place to inhabit…
        Thank you gain …I really like your Architects of Reality….
        the gardens smiled from your hello..and sending one back to you 🙂
        Take Care…You Matter…

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