Shattered Questions

The point is not to answer questions, but to shatter them.

– Travis the Traveler

  1. Quite a synchronicity.
    That´s exactly what I´ve been podering this morning. I wrote something similar:
    “Posing appropriate questions is vital. Yet it comes a moment when you realize that authentic self-love entails letting go of all questions”

    • Wow no kidding… We said the same exact thing. I feel like my mind is bursting with energy. Apparently that energy is not exclusive, but a source to tap into that is no identity. Amazing occurrence… Currents…

      • This insight literally woke me up, namely that I have come to the point that questions harm and prevent me from a healthy and genuine self-love.

        That in order to gain equanimity and peace, I have to literally stop questioning myself. Questions keep me stuck in unrest, and literally disturb the ongoing natural process within.

        Now, given that what I write comes from a place within me which is beyond my intellectual reach, there is always some kind of insecurity as to the truth of “my” words.

        That you were unfolding the same train of thought. is highly reassuring; after all, it shows that I am not deluding myself with interesting but inane sophistry.

      • I wonder what you would do if you were to fearlessly run with this realization…
        I wonder the same thing. I have been mostly a hesitant observer most of my life. It played its part though, since I would have been more of what the world made me instead of what I have been incubating until now. It is just a matter of determining the right time to break out of the shell for the impression is a wild variable. Questions are a form of torment as an archetype, but is that something to transcend? Maybe that is the question which torments me.

      • “Questions are a form of torment” – indeed so.

        Something to transcend? I think you gave yourself the answer.

        Let´s put it this way: Questions are not to be transcended but shattered. Meaning that shattering the questions, shatters the mind, and with it, the torments.

        Could it be so simple?…- no mind, no torment…? If there is no observer, can there be any torment?…Quite a wild variable, isn´t it?…

        As for me, the realization is so staggeringly new, and so this very insight can eventually help me see through and abaondon Fear…- another overpoweing variable…?

      • Maybe the torment is a comfort zone. I can’t seem to stop questioning…

      • The mind makes comfort of unrest, and discomfort of rest?…

        What about that…? 🙂

      • Sounds right on. Painful truths are the motivator of this effect I think. To preserve questions which keep us from that painful truth. Distrust and fear find comfort with indifference. We all know more than we want to believe we know, about life, ourselves and where we are going I think. It comes out in creative expression when we allow it.

      • We all know more than we want to believe we know, about life, ourselves and where we are going I think.

        I meant the same thing when I wrote yesterday:

        Who knows…?…he wondered
        Who knows not…? I replied

      • What the hell is the source??? Haha, I joke about most people who tell you things only according to something else and how they require a reference or source to validate anything. Obviously there is a source, it just doesn’t have a traditional means of referencing it. DNA memory? Organic Frequency? A rose is just as sweet by any name you call it I suppose.

      • If you had asked Ramana Maharshi what the source is, he, like me, would have answered ” Who is asking?”… Worth pondering on…:)

        Source – or shall we call it Emptiness – being non-dual, that is, beyond projection, cannot be inferred by any of our so-called intruments of inquiry. It is beyond any reference, at the same time, it is the reference of everything. You know this already, I think.

        Intrinsically, Mind is the outcome of duality and projection, and as such, it is in False Relation to everything. Being biased and insecure – what else…?- it always seeks validation in everything it undertakes: It cannot function outside preexisting reference. It relentlessly turns Life into a sum of different loose fragments put together,,,

        So, release the rose from its name, and you might find the clue…;)

  2. Brilliant, daring idea. In my own way, that is my aim with my writing too. Challenge every established idea out there.

    • Without death there is no birth. Letting go puts us in a new place. One without cluttered delusions acting as building blocks of sense. I am really in awe that we as humans are truly beginning to come to a new place. It is a very exciting time to live and to be a part of the next big trajectory of our growth. I am glad you exist my friend!

  3. … With other questions…

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