We only experience the difference
Not the current state.
This is why conditioning is very effective.

  1. Philosophical! Love it.
    You are very right. We only observe and notice what essentially changes around us.

    Cheers! 🙂

  2. the current state? 🙂

    • Hehe, are you pointing out the pun?

      • none intended 🙂
        only curiosity 😀 !

      • Oh sorry! In other words; change is the only constant. Everything is in motion. We compare the past to what is coming our way to determine if it is better or worse. A dirty bathroom to bathe in is a nightmare unless you have been without any bathroom for some time, then it is a godsend. The masses barely flinch at the war drums beating louder and louder because they have been beating for years. If the conditioning is long, slow and gentle it will hardly be noticed at all. People who are waking up inside know they are waking only because the difference that is experienced. As the transition speeds up we find more people noticing the winds of change on this journey.

      • Wonderful ! 🙂
        Now I am happy happy 😀 and understand the change you are talking about. I agree, change is the only constant, very well put! I am inspired.

      • The pun I thought you were pointing out is that the “state” could be interpreted as the authorities. It made me smile because I did not intend the pun, though I like that it still fit. Thank you for projecting yourself as you do. You are a variable and your existence cannot be without a result!

      • haha 😀 , well pun is always a nice expression in my opinion and good for some lighthearted moments on serious issues, of course if it is directed at the states and their affairs ! Oh but not in this poetry that you so beautifully composed. The simple word ‘constant’ did make me smile when you explained it…

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