Perfect Symphony

We are united in conflict
A perfect symphony
Opposing in waves
Filling the theater of life

– Travis the Traveler

  1. συμφωνώ – that is symfo̱nó̱, means in greek to concur, to be in agreement.

    force is created out of opposition, but can conflict ever bring about harmony?

    • Every harmonious sound generated is done so through an instrument of calculated oppositions. A war brews between the wooden reed and the breath of the player just as the beautiful sound of rain only occurs by impact of the opposing surface.

      • I hear you.

        Yet…Can there ever be Unity in conflict? I really wonder

      • Is it a matter of unity being a good thing or bad thing? Unity is unity. A football game is a controlled conflict that generates a massive amount of unity… And so does war. I think unity is not something to seek as a solution to conflict. Unity invites conflict more often.

      • Unity is never to be found within Duality. Within polarity.

        Therefore what is non-dual can never be in opposition to anything. It can thus never invite to conflict.

      • I agree when we take unity in that context, I think. Unfortunately, in practice we have people shouting unity for Blacks, Jews, islamists, Whites, rich, poor, left, right, etc. Unity for this cause which is against that cause. We have unity in divisions which oppose each other creating the stories we experience together. The unity you speak of is the underlying truth which words are not sufficient to point to I think. Something like a truth we could neither fully reveal nor escape by means of logic… But I will try; What goes around comes around. ; ) How is that?

      • Nothing goes around, nothing comes around.

        Unity is motionless but ever-changing. Unity is never confined in words; that´s why Logic, which is duality at work, has to be fully abandoned – easier said that done…- cause to abandon logic is to admit our innate shortcoming: the fragment can never understand the whole. Only facing the utter hopelessness, namely, realizing we have no control, can we become humble. That is, non dual in our approach. “Not me, but Life…”

      • Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent. Our words are not to match the labels or definitions accurately but to convey the intended message. I can sense the unity we try to describe but there is no sense to be had in putting it in words.

      • The ubiqutous dilemma:

        Speak or be totally quiet…?

      • That is set theory logic which most of my past girlfriends used ; ). Fuzzy logic will allow for both to exist appropriately and according to itself. You and I experience the greatest wisdoms reflected to us in silence. We then determine what is able to be conveyed by words and what is to be lived by our own state of being. If our state of being is unable to convey an unspeakable wisdom or there is no capable receiver, surely there is no expectation of words to get the job done? In context to racial and political tension I chose the word “unite” because of the recently growing use of the word as a means to oppose other oppressive unities. When people unite they become a mob and the taste of power is like an addictive drug, at least currently in our evolution. In their use of the word, they are not uniting in its true sense, but subtracting themselves from the whole by starting a separate union.

      • I take this again:

        To abandon logic is to admit our innate shortcoming, namely
        the fragment can never understand the whole.
        Only facing the utter hopelessness, that is, realizing we have no control, can we become humble. With other words, non dual in our approach.

        The only viable solution is to reach a point of thorough understaning within oneself. Thorough understanding is neither nor, neither for or against, which means, true humility. A center with no definable center.

        Only this equidistant and thus impartial awareness, can bring about a change in the collective psyche.

      • I know what you are pointing to and I know it is not something to be told. If it is logically told to abandon logic, then we still have not abandoned logic. If we can only reach that point by liberating personal experiences, I know not to try to talk anybody into it (though I might try to talk them into a liberating personal experience). I am with you though, so much so that I want to even abandon words themselves, yet here I am playing with them. Certain things have to be felt and lived in order to become. We will inevitably feel and live all we need in order to continue becoming. In the meantime we may play with words and logic to move each other and as long as there is movement we are collectively ambiguous, collectively traveling through perspectives, making all the required mistakes and experiencing the magnitudes of results from our choices. I can, by myself, drop logic and exist without obligation to my physical form, but I choose to take my hopeless shortcomings as a gift to experience and think that it can only be part of a process, which I speculate being a means to transcend all of our finite constructs. Until then, we must be right on path and all things have temporary relevance.
        But, I just wanted to play with the word “unite” in context to how it is being used, as if uniting would bring peace. In this context it is used to create substantial battles against beasts that only exist by our own collective efforts united.
        I believe we are truly united in harmony when we see no nations or races or religions and we feel no desire to take the labors of others as our own.

      • Oops, forgot to give credit to Wittgenstein for that first sentence!

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