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The Great Mirror

Spectrums fluctuate in an interwoven array
Transmuting in cascading cycles of emotions
Countless windows looking out to the great mirror
Of which we can only see ourselves.

Travis the Traveler

Perfect Symphony

We are united in conflict
A perfect symphony
Opposing in waves
Filling the theater of life

– Travis the Traveler

Chaotic Unity

That which divides us
Actually unites us
In chaotic unity

– Travis the Traveler

Reality of Experience

Reality continues to escape us
Though the experience is constant.
When the experience escapes us
Reality may be revealed.
Understanding reality through experience is like understanding binary code by watching a digital projection of The Wizard of Oz.

Illusory Finite

See not with the eyes
Hear not with the ears
The blind and the deaf
Are miraculously healed
Or shall we say freed
From the obligations
Of the illusory finite

– Travis the Traveler


Let it fall
Not in resentment
But in love
Of the rising sun

– Travis the Traveler

Where Hatred Thrives

Hatred is not a mechanism of strength.
Hatred is a force which can only survive in the minds of the defeated on their fall from grace.

– Travis the Traveler

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