War is Insane!

Faith in war is beyond any measurable superstition. The results show, to our surprise, that anything we declare war against responds with an equal and opposite reaction. The more we attack it the stronger it becomes. This is true with terrorists, disease, pests of agriculture, racism, etc. The problem is not that something exists, but that we do not understand its existence.
Why is science not mentioning this phenomena? Why do we continue to wave our blades to destroy the wind created by our blades?

  1. This is spot on, or as they might say – “dead on” 😉

    Like most poeple on this planet, most cientists fail to see, as they are the victims of duality…

    • entropy
    • September 3rd, 2014

    Spot on! The war on terrorism is a declaration of war of human kind against itself, and human kind will be wiped off the face of the earth. I don’t justify the deeds of terrorists, but polarisation only escalates the whole problem. What we need is dialog, respect and a listening ear to each other. That station is passed, allas…

    • katmcdaniel
    • January 27th, 2015

    We humans like fighting. It makes us feel we are doing something. Look at the evidence in our language. A good life is often described in terms that sound like battle…overcoming, struggle, champion, beating something… Perhaps the innate survival instinct looks for battles unconsciously and creates them where they do not exist. It would be nice to change the language to growing things rather than fighting and killing obstacles.

    • I agree that language is quite the conditioner! Concepts change entirely based on how we say it or think it, since we often think in words. I have been feeling more acceptance lately and it feels like everything has its place and relevance whether we like it or not. We have much more to gain in our tragedies than in our triumphs, but placing a higher value on tragedy than triumph leads to what? What good is unconditional appreciation? I do not know, but today I will just be smiling at the world in all the fortune and misfortune or whatever we could label it. Thanks for your comment!

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