Reluctant Motion Today

Not sure why I get so impatient and I start looking for escape routes the moment a person begins to talk about a past moment or how they are opposed to something.  It makes me feel trapped against my will.  I try to not feel that way, but I still do.

Not sure why I have a hard time keeping touch with people, but I do.

I feel like social activity is noise which blurs our own vision.  Yet, I experience loneliness while alone and I feel guilt for being reclusive.

It is as if there are feelings or forces that are not there to make sure you are where you ought to be, but only that you continue moving.

Not sure, not sure, not sure…. but I will continue moving.

  1. Try unmoving…

    • Hehe, cool word. I will keep it in my mind and see if I can apply it.

      • don´t “mentalize” it pls…:)

      • It is just a word to point at what we could never say. Do you have a more appropriate word?

      • It sounds strange but this comes to mind:

        Are there any appropriate words for anything at all?…Of course…Logically, there are…But when it comes to immediate, concrete reality wwll words pale…

        Nothing ever said has a thorough relevance…UNLESS word is the double of action…Unless word conveys action…

      • That does not sound strange at all. Very clearly put.

      • Good. I´m glad my words get thru to you.

      • I do try to embrace them rather than insisting to oppose them. I feel there is more to gain this way and I appreciate you taking the time to give words when it is clear I am seeking some wisdom other than my own.

      • Of course…I heard that…It appears that you are seeking some wisdom other than your own. In fact it is your wisdom you thirst for. But in order to “hear” it you need to be still. A stillness which is not the outcome of any wish, effort, intention, thought…Sometimes in order to look straight requires that you look “aside”

      • You do speak to me in ways that I understand, which is rare. I will unmove and see what it brings. Thank you my friend.

      • My FB Id is Julien Mate Stockholm. It’s a conundrum, the intense discussions I used to have on my blog have moved thr. Totally. paradoxical.

      • Julien Matei

      • Do you use FB?

      • I have one, but I stopped using it because people were able to get in touch with me when I did not want them to. Part of me being a hermit.

      • I meant all words pale

      • The more appropriate word would is: BE STILL…The more you move, the worse it gets…

      • I am writing too fast. Sorry for the typos. You get what I wanna say though

    • JJ
    • May 1st, 2015

    Regarding feeling guilty for being reclusive: we are taught to feel guilty about it. Psychologists say that to be a well-rounded person, you must interact, you must build your emotional quotient and get along. It’s good for us to be among people, to join.

    I guess introverted hermits are still not really accepted despite several books mentioning the strengths of introverts, their underpinning of society.

    I am quite happy to speak to people about concrete things, books or learning, learning a craft, making art, and such things. But I’m not looking for friends, nor do I choose to join the fatuous chatter of Facebook.

    I still move forward. I also still feel residual guilt occasionally, but I look at it and know it’s there, and carry on. Sometimes we just have to feel these things. “Be still” is an apt reminder of that.

    Paradoxically, being still to observe this anxiety will relieve your agitation about the matter. Another one of the wonders of being human that Western psychologists don’t seem to grasp.

    Hi there, glad to see you posting again. Do some art too!

    • Your message is always solid and broad in perspective. I appreciate the words and crossing paths with a familiar traveler.

  2. Hi! Travis: Cosmic here. I used to love being with people, but now I can’t stand them. I prefer to be alone and pursue intellectual thought and enlightenment. I garden and keep a ferret right now. Personal pain from family and people back-stabbing have alienated me. I need to increase my fruition in order to deal with alienation and falsehood. Jesus talked about it in today’s gospel (I’m Catholic). I think people who prefer to protect themselves from pain like to be alone. I’m not unhappy with myself, just with the rest of the world. I have a great relationship with the Supreme Being, with Christ and with Nature, so I’m not lonely. I’m frustrated with the wickedness and evil this world offers, aside from its greed, selfishness, and sin. Seems like money, power, and sex are all that is important to most people and our youth is being fed these ideas in large dosages. I know I have a lot of posts but would you read “Heaven’s Angel” and look into “Personal relationships and Living With Oneself” then check out “Musings” and “Humor Out of My Mind.” . Sha-alom***Peace Be With You!

  3. these days keeping in touch can be trying…

  4. I always love listening to thought processes like these… and this actually reminds me of something my friend once said when she told me about how at times she sought solitude.

    I don’t think you should feel guilty for seeking peace- everyone has the right to that. Just don’t push away your friends and you’ll be fine. Have a good one!

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