It Will Move

Everything is in context or in relation to another

Even that which is set in stone

is erased by the motion of life

What can we know without a doubt?

It will move.

    • To Know Beauty
    • July 7th, 2015

    Oh, yes, how breathtaking watching ideas set in stone being washed away like sand drawings by the water. 🙂

  1. I like your line about context…now, what is that saying the only thing permanent is change…

    • Sometimes I feel like we are like cats who seem to only “meow” and say the same thing over and over. We just hear it differently each time. I can’t really say anything new, I can just say it in a new way. Even now I am saying what Einstein said about being a genius is just about being able to reword things in an impressive way. Now I am trying to tie together how it is all the same, yet the only constant is change…. mind bender!! Haha! I suppose visually it would look like those fractal art zooms where the image is the same pattern but constantly moving and flowing in a captivating way.

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