I was a naive hippie.

I once was a naive hippie who thought the plants and trees were more evolved in their nature because they were peaceful and I enjoyed their company.  Once I really got to know them, they showed me they were far more brutal than I and that they were strong enough to face the reality of the situation.  We humans have strange needs for irrelevant concepts and ideals that can only exist in our minds.  We are so afraid of being unhappy with things that we end up living in a desperate delusion.  What fools we are!

-Travis The Traveler

    • JJ
    • August 31st, 2015

    This reminds me of the airy-fairy angel meme that floats about. I have always imagined angels as rather dangerous creatures, certainly not bothered with buying me a prezzie or getting me a good grade. Oh, I still enjoy the company of trees, I think being in nature does do something to the mind in a beneficial way. It could just be that we get more oxygen and that’s what the body likes.

    Being unhappy is like being lonely, just a feeling, and rather ephemeral, not as scary as we build it up in our minds.

    I’m not sure I would equate brutality or strength and reality. Reality is just there, we label things brutal or imagine that you have to be strong to be realistic. Is being a hippy being naive? Is that not a strange need, an irrelevant concept to use such words?

    • Hey I am still quite the hippy lol! You are right that “brutal” and “strength” are my subjective views, or how I think others currently view scary nature. I find it beautiful. It is really interesting to come in contact with trees who made it through hardships and you can see it in their growth. They will have areas that have to twist around and regrow, and those are the “strongest” parts of the tree. I feel like that is a reflection of my life. The hardest parts required me to grow a little stronger and redirect my growth sometimes. Without those hardships I was without such unique form as I have today. I am sure there are more to come!

  1. Love the confession!

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