The Unnoticeably Strange Present

We continue to dig for information and knowledge and answers and other bullshit like that.

We continue to read line by line as if we missed some great message that should be there.

All this effort and the result is a numbing of sensitivity to direct perception.

At any point in life we may lose grip of all the bullshit and realize how strange the present moment is.

It can sneak up and leave reality exposed naked with all of the parts we try not to see.

There is a big process going on and our little stupid words like; morality, love, evil, God, free will, etc. cannot begin to touch it.  It does not matter if we like it or think it is right or wrong.  We can decorate the process and see what makes us more comfortable, but the process will continue and the show must go on!  The persistent result is creative expression, which requires destruction, and contains more than a clever message to put into words.  If you can feel life at its greatest magnitude with unwavering fearless strength, then you have conquered all you have to conquer.

-Travis The Traveler

    • JJ
    • August 31st, 2015

    Oooh information, knowledge and language–such a delight to twist and turn clever messages. I like a good rummage through words and imagined messages, it makes for a good story.

    The present moment gives rise to all kinds of things, including information and knowledge which is an enjoyablke reality if you are curious. I like being curious, I see that as reality. The present moment is not blank, seeing it as blank or fraught with something that needs strength seems a bit…..numbing.

    • The present moment never seems blank when it sneaks up on me. It is like a wave of perspective that comes over me out of nowhere. I might be talking to somebody about something, then all of a sudden, they seem like an alien creature to me, and I feel like an alien creature, and we are just standing on a ground making noise at each other, part of a process that we just naturally do. Sometimes it feels like I can feel the Earth spinning and I can feel the wetness under my skin. When all of that happens, things look strange, as if I were seeing it for the first time and it wasn’t so normal. I get a taste of that, then it goes away and regular life becomes normal again, like bills and emails and what people are saying to me, etc. I am very curious about this state of being and what I see during these short moments. I can think about it and try to be in that state, but it doesn’t work that way as well. I don’t really know how to allow it to happen, but if I stop trying it might just keep doing it lol!

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