A Thought on Vegan Morality

I think people do not realize that plants are living creatures too. It probably hurts like hell to be pruned and harvested and consumed. Nature is just that way. Animals eat other animals alive in a very vicious process. Plants choke each other out and fight for sun and nutrients. We humans have these unrealistic ideals because nature has become foreign to us and we think we can make everything a fair system according to every living thing. But we can’t. There are processes that are necessary to life. The best thing we can do is embrace the self evident and find meaning to it all.

    • entropy
    • September 27th, 2015

    In my opinion, we were built to live in harmony with nature, that is, as we are evolved to be…

    • I agree, but the harmony has some harsh notes to give it that powerful deep feeling that we seek. In this orchestra, should we be rid of the heavy drums and the crashing symbol? Would we be more satisfied with just the soothing flute alone? We seek the harmony of a powerful song I think. It requires things to vibrate at many frequencies.

  1. maybe there’s no morality but she just doesn’t like meat…

  2. travisthetraveler :
    I drank my own. It is like a custom made medicine drink made from your own body. It cleans you out really well. But, it is gross. I stopped drinking it, but I put it on my skin if I get mosquito bites or poison ivy etc.

    Gross! What scientific evidence is there for that? Urine is not meant to be drunk; it has toxins in it that your body is trying to remove!

    • Actually, pharmaceutical companies have been using urine to create medicines, and people have been using it since ancient times for medicinal and health purposes. It heals jellyfish stings and snake bites, which is common knowledge. I am not an advocate, but I know what it is for myself. It was not effective enough for me to continue doing it, but in a pinch, it could save a life.

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