In My Head

Everything circles back into itself.

There is nothing to know that will last to know it.

The observer is transforming while watching the subject transform.

The world changed and you thought it was you.

You changed and you thought it was the world.

Even the most profound revelation returns to nothing with a transformed perspective.

The more intense we feel something, the more vivid we think we see it, but we are consumed.

Choose any forces to assist you, but they need something back from you.

The unnatural is actually the hyper-natural.

My answers must be delusional, while my questions must be trying not to be delusional.

There is no knowing.  All we can own is the will to play a part in this grand story.

  1. True life…delusions, are they all we have?

    • I think so… but is that all any creator has? I have too many questions.

      • Aha…creators envision delusions in action to equate a formable reality. nice! “Too many questions”…no such thing – all the better to discover one’s subjective truth. The shaky bit is when one realizes that “real” and “truth” fall under the authority of the individual – so are there two “truths” or two-million?

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