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A Seed is Real

Any seed that has the potential to grow

is as real as you and I.

The Freelance Movement

The world is changing and that is why so many of us are showing up here now.  We are connected and enabled to seek one another out directly.  We can develop relationships and find common goals.  We can gather like minds and create anything imaginable.  The magnitude of these new capabilities will be discovered in greater quantities as each new relationship brings us into the ever constant future.

I have used many platforms to make myself available to those who could benefit from the relationship.  Recently, I found Toptal.  They seem to be more filtered in their selections which is great for both the freelancers and the clients.  Other platforms tend to become flooded with offers from both sides and it can be difficult to find real professionals.  I am very excited to find new routes with Toptal and it would be an honor to be accepted into the Toptal Freelance Visual Designers Group.


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