Women Crucify Christ at Home


Do you read the Bible?

Do you know who Jezebel is?

Do you know who you are in the eyes of Jesus?

Do you know how much he loves you?

Do you know the gift he is trying to give you?

It is heavy in my heart that most women spit on the gift from Jesus.  Just like the Jews stoned and speared Jesus for his gift to them.  I have always sacrificed for my woman, just like the Holy Spirit tells me to.  She is a flower that I must keep sacred through the Valley in the Shadow of Death.  But most flowers wear armor now and carry the filth of the world with them.  I have a beautiful flower now.  A flower who has conquered the spirit of Jezebel.  A flower who knows how to be washed by Christ.  She is not insecure, and therefore is able to receive love that is known through Christ, in the most sacred act we can give to our Father in Heaven.  We made a covenant to each other as Christ as our witness; we vow to never crucify one another.  He created Man in His Own image, and he was complete, but he is still working on his creation of Woman.  And all he asks of you women is to serve Christ who will sacrifice his life for you, but you still compete with him and crucify him in the end just for the victory and the glory of Baal.

Repent now and become true to your Father in Heaven, unless you seek another father.

Let the righteous pass the gates without sword or armor.  The gentle are the strong and beautiful.

  1. Umm… The jews “ston[ing] and spear[ing] Jesus” isn’t quite an accurate recollection of what actually happened, at all.

    • So you disagree with what this post is saying? Go ahead and make your declaration.

      • Ok, fine. I declare that it is wrong to try to make a logical argument with “facts” that are either not true, or misguided, regardless of whether or not I agree with the rest of the argument. It is simply wrong to claim history happened in a certain way when it did not, especially if you are going to try to blame a minority group that actually has 0% responsibility for it.

      • I understand what you are saying. And you are right for your sentiment. But did you know that many Jews do take credit for hanging Jesus up on the cross because they believe he was blasphemous and a false messiah. I related the story to my own experiences with women. Then that took me to the very beginning of the Bible which describes the woman being in conflict with her appointed position from God. This post is my testimony to God that I am thankful to have been given a woman who tries to honor Jesus everyday, and she nourishes the Holy Spirit in me and that allows it to grow strong between us. We are hoping for a beautiful wedding in Heaven soon! It is not my role to judge any group of people, but I did find relation in my own personal life to the stories that both sides mostly agree happened. I want to ask you about your name. Names are important. “Lab” is a reference to your mind right? And you say it is “Demented”? Or are you saying we live in a Demented Labrynth? I would agree with that as it ruled by that old serpent!

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