Trolley Problem and the Hegelian Dialectic

Did anybody ever notice that the great Trolley Problem about ethics is a Hegelian Dialectic practice to trap you into 1 result (blood on your hands) given in the form of 2 options (switch tracks or inaction)?  The whole premise of the Trolley Problem is that you keep ending up with only 2 bad choices given to you by tenacious philosophers who will not allow more than the 2 given choices.  They want you to say that you will choose one of the choices they presented to you.  There is obviously intent going on here, though nobody would want to admit that.  They want you to declare your choice between the 2 while convincing you there are no other options.  They want so bad to hear you say it.  Why?

Wake up.

  1. Hey Travis,

    You and I see the same world. I am not sure exactly how to proceed in discussions with some of my professors (and the entire seminary system), but if push comes to shove here, I am fully ready to explain and defend to some of my professors that there most certainly are “bad questions” that bear no fruit. I am certain there are because I was taught how to ask them during my POW interrogation resistance training in the military. Ha. Your point above about “traps” and other ethical scenarios is exactly what I’ve been noticing. Nice work. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not that we can develop proper ethical systems.


    • It is very nice to meet you Pete. And I appreciate hearing from people who are actually trying to see things clearly. You have wisdom from experience, and you notice the “studied” speak the most arrogantly. Jesus teaches us to know their hearts and not be pulled into confusion. See them with love and we might see their hearts rather than the debate at hand. He gives us so much more wisdom. That is what has been helping me communicate lately. I hope it is growing all over. It seem like it is.

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