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Tree of Knowledge vs. Tree of Life

Knowledge obligates

Life liberates

Knowledge is for enslavement

Life is for choice

Knowledge is true or false

Life is moral or immoral

Knowledge is fed or received

Life is achieved

Knowledge goes on a hard drive

Life is the owner of that drive

This is the difference between the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.


Seek to Blame or Grow?

Are you justified

or are you growing?

You have a Father

who is there for you to blame

or to ask for guidance.

It is a simple choice

and it reveals who you are.

Revelation is about revealing you to Him.

Lady Gaga is What???

I thought the entire world had gone mad,

but then I read some sense in the comments.

Are they Serving Another Master?

The commandments are fought over by people who do not know your word

and many are murdered in the name of the commandments

despite the commandments to love one another

and to not murder one another.

The children want to sing, shout and spray the word

but do not want to live it.

They want to be chosen and receive power over nations

but know nothing of humbling themselves before  you.

They are eager to condemn the ones who stumble on their way

because their faith hinges on social condemnation.

This is no different than the Roman Empire.

How much like their Father are they?

Do they walk in His way?

Or are they serving another master?


Dear God,

I repent for allowing this world to convince me

that you are something other than what you are.

I repent for taking their word for it, before seeking the word you gave to me.

The word which many people died to preserve.

I thank you for sending the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth through Jesus

otherwise there is no salvation in this world.

Thank you for allowing me to receive the bread you send to your children.

Let every step I make be of your will

so that I might see your glory more everyday.


A Cryptic Experience

The Serpent has conjured up a cryptic world
and the lights are flashing in a cryptic fashion

unexplained experiences with cryptic meanings
forming questions which have no answers

And now nobody knows what is true
yet everybody needs to tell you what they made to be true

convince and persuade
debate and compel

begging others to change their heart
but not willing in their own heart

But the Truth was there all along
persevering through all that few have persevered through

If Jesus Reads it With You

It is hard to get through the Old Testament.

That is a common reaction when trying to read the Bible.

It may help to read Matthew first.

Then invite Jesus to read the entire Bible with you.

Look at it with Grace.

We do not read the Word of God.

We ask the Word of God to guide us

when reading the Bible

and in every moment of our life.

Jesus is The Word of God.

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