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Where Things Stand

Theist can exist without Atheist
Atheist can only exist due to Theist
Theist is the parent
Atheist is the child
Something can exist without nothing
Nothing can only exist due to Something
Something is the parent
Nothing is the child

Protagonist vs Antagonist

Christ vs Anti-Christ

Good vs Evil

Life vs Death

The patterns are all there!


When it Comes to Reflecting

We would rather focus on anybody other than our own self
but our spirit commands us to self reflect.
We would rather fix all the things wrong with the world
but our spirit makes us incorruptible instead.

How hard do we make it for another to change their heart
when they know we count faults and do not forgive?
And when fault is come to turn toward us
how hard now has it become for them to forgive us?
In all of that strife there is only iniquity and misery.
There is no victory in shaming one another.

How do two stubborn people end their quarrel?
With striving pain and affliction of anger and hatred.
Endure through all things with patience and understanding.
Nothing is ever solved without the will to love and forgive one another.

These greatest truths all come from Jesus.

Matthew 7:3

1Judge not, that ye be not judged. 2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. 3And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. 6Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

Husband and Wife with God

A husband is called to submit to this world for his wife

He will submit himself to face all of the storms of the world

And he will gladly keep his wife sacred and pure through it all

At all times he will be gentle and patient

He will be sincere and growing wise in his love for her

And only God is more sacred to a good man than his wife

Put no others before her and especially none before God


A wife is called to submit to her husband through Jesus

She will not submit herself to the storms of the world

And she will gladly honor her husband and never seek to shame him

She will be gentle and patient as he for her

Being sincere and growing wise in her love with him

And only God is more sacred to a good woman than her husband

Put no others before him and especially none before God.


Know that these things do not happen without faith in each other.  You are sinners and the world is of the devil, so you will need to know forgiveness of great magnitude if there is any hope for you.  Those who love God will love one another as well.  Having the desire to love God is key to recognizing why Jesus was sent for you.



The Unworthy Ruler

If you are ruled
you are measured.
And a ruler can only measure you by it’s own dimensions.
How often you are measured
Is equal to the desire to rule in this world…

But the ruler is not worthy to measure you or the world.

We have a good gardener

We have a good shepherd

And if you know it

then you know the measurement of the ruler to be untrue.



If life was only easy
it would have only to give
a lethargic result.
We see a calling for otherwise
and a need to be lifted up
rather than pulled down.
But we pull each other down
to feel higher in relation.
just a sad lie
revealing the insecurity
of having no faith.
Why do you think you will not be lifted up?
Did you fail your presentation of righteousness?
Did you lie about your surety?
Are you just coping with the unknown?
Do not fear that you are a seed
and all seeds are destroyed once planted.
Have faith that you have a good gardener.
You were given a good shepherd.
There is a fence around your world.
And every moment is protected so that it will endure until completion.
We are made for reason of love.
Jesus spoke The Word of God
and those who have known the good gardener
will also receive the message of his son.
This is by recognition
and those who do not receive The Word of God
will be known by their fruit
for they will not know meekness
nor will they know forgiveness
and repentance is impossible for them.
They did not learn to keep what was given to them
and corrupted fruit is of no good to the living.
How is it that you wish to be unpleasant yet desirable at the same time?
Are you still without wisdom?

Did you sell your stuff or your self?

Beware the influence of the blissful in this world

where sweet lies are sold at high prices

and the value of painful truths go unrecognized.


-Travis the Traveler

The Kingdom of Heaven

A tiny and meek seed has an amazing story bestowed upon it and comes to know the Gardener who planted it.

It is to become a great tree one day.  To be right it must first be tender and sensitive, enduring patiently in long suffering so that it can grow it’s own shape.

A great storm came without notice.  The rain was riding the wind in all directions.  Nothing like this had ever happened before.  Instantly the seedling was pushed over and fell to the ground.  This is where the unclean things would devour each other to become food for the living.  The seedling sensed that all was lost so it struggled no more.  The rains continued to press it into the mud until there was no light to be found.  This is how the seedling met the gardener for the first time.

Right before darkness made sleep the only thing left, the seedling was brought back up to stand in the light.  It was cleansed of the mud and given support in order to make what would be impossible possible.  The seedling realized that there were things happening outside of it’s own direct senses.  There were forces that came in the dark and there were forces that came in the light.

The gardener would visit in the light and it was a relationship of love.  There was some pruning and training which upset the seedling at times, but faith allowed it to trust in the training rather than rebelling to it’s own demise.

When darkness comes it brings with it a cold wet chill and a looming threat of the unknown.  The seedling would cling tighter to the ground each time and it did not understand why it had to be this way.  It would ask, “For what purpose does this darkness have and why must I be left alone in it?”

Time became the enduring response to every question.  This drove the young tree to reach outward in all directions to find answers.  The gardener visited less each day and the sun became more intense.  The tree was thankful for all the darkness which had caused it to cling deep into the ground.  In those depths was endless relief from the heat of the intense sun.

While searching for answers the tree made new relationships.  In the past there were only creepy crawling things and buzzing things, some who would chew on it, and others who would devour those biters.  It came to be that many critters of the furry kind would hug to the tree in times of darkness.  And they would live and play on the tree during the light.  Many times the tree would wonder about the gardener, “Did he know from the beginning this would be as it is?”

Most Agree With Jesus Without Knowing It

Did you know that Jesus stood up against accusers?

He revealed how forgiveness was greater for you.

Did you know he taught people to overcome their own faults

rather than focusing on overcoming the faults of others?

Did you know he threatened the power of the religious elite?

He gave it back to the true believers who loved God in their heart.

Did you know he pointed out vanity and lovers of public appraisal?

He taught to be gentle and humble is more righteous in truth.

Did you know he wants you to guard yourself against liars who seek power over you?

He loved you enough to die in humiliation so that you would know for sure that his message is of our Father who also loves us.  The message is to love one another, just as Jesus loved us.

Why would we be upset that these things are the truth and the way so that we will be seen by God who is hoping to give us eternal life?

Are we clinging to men’s traditions or are we running from them?

Jesus is not about men’s traditions or enforcement of any kind.

It is about living for our Heavenly Father who created us and this world with intention.

The things we must learn are greater than men’s traditions

just as the kingdom we inherit is not of this world.

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