Identity theft

Identity theft happens not when your credentials are stolen and used. You should never refer to those as your identity. True identity theft is when you give yourself up to the idols that are created to profit from your sacrifice.

Strength in You

Your flesh is vulnerable. Your projected self is ever influenced. But You… You are untouchable.


This blog is dedicated to understanding through empathy and self awareness. It seems that we are easily mislead by opportunists who have no problem with gaining from others misfortune. If we do not truly know our inner selves and do not understand others, we will be at the mercy of the opportunists false truths and those false truths will begin to shape our own identity. By searching deep within it is easy to see that the most beautiful aspects of ourselves are being suppressed by false values that come from the top of our social structures. We lose hope for each other and it stays a dog eat dog kind of world. Most will believe that it is out of their hands to make a change, so might as well try to get a slice of the pie. However, in knowing yourself, you realize that you aren’t even designed for that pie. It does not nourish you, it is more likely to poison you. From that point, it becomes an individual journey to find what really is nourishing.  This blog is not about me, it is a mirror. We are all reflections of each other and there is unbelievable power in our choices. Even the opportunist will see that is not his or her true identity, but a false hope for filling a void. Without the illusions, we can be capable of reaching toward our true potential of being human.

The journey

There once was a tree who grew fast and strong.  It could not wait to reach the light.  When it realized how far the light source actually was, it gave up and died.

Filling the Void


Love is a constant, but it is to be chosen in all aspects of life.  It is always there but our own expectations and conditioning determine the taste and we either reject or accept it.  That is how different people are able to love completely different people/things.  We all develop different tastes for what is abundant.

After realizing that it’s always there, we can allow ourselves to genuinely love everyone/everything without attachment or expectation.  This helps us to see and appreciate people/things for who/what they are and understand their purpose.  Even bad tasting people/things have their purpose, and the irony is that it is only love that can convert bad tasting people/things into good (good and bad being relative to the taster).  Real love gives genuine purpose to be beneficial or better tasting to the other without wagering on anything.  If there are expectations, love can’t be felt because it is an agreement based on desires and expectations.  Like a job that you would not go to if you were not getting paid for it.  The money may be worth it, but your life is empty if you spend it outside of fulfillment.

If searching to fulfill our desires we can’t find love, it is because we’re searching to fulfill our desires instead of being open to love.  Love is not desire.  Love is the substance, desire is something that happens after the taste and trying to fill up on sweetener is not healthy.  After realizing that, the deception potentially comes into play.  This is where we consider the likeliness of our desires being exploited and manipulated to benefit the other instead of having a mutual appreciative relationship.  The irony of this is that it is our own desires we have come to love, and we can’t figure out why we can’t fill the voids inside of us.  Here is why; we identify ourselves through other people, especially people who are close to us.  This goes both ways.  We also identify others through ourselves.  If we have just noticed that we only love an expectation that the other has to try to live up to, we also know that the other might be doing just the same.  We will never truly know or love each other in a way we can experience or appreciate.  The love will be there but it won’t be eaten, both will be left hungry and the void will grow.

The dark wolf

There is usually a dark wolf you must face alone on the path of further self awareness. Do not be deterred.

Your “self” is showing…

We have become professionals at keeping our private parts covered.  We often hide our true self due to the fear of how it will be perceived by others and due to the fear of what our true self might actually do.  It becomes something we are used to covering up, and we actually grow shameful of it.  We lose respect for it and keep it away by telling it rational lies to trick the rest of our “mind” to agree.  It is like a democracy in our own heads.  We then construct ourselves into a form based off of what is expected of us collectively.  We cry out for freedom as if it were an external gift.  Cast light on your darkest voids.  Find yourself again.  You are needed.

Where is Heaven?

Where is Heaven?

We are not hopeless sinners, unless we are hoping for streets of gold. Heaven is in all of us. We are capable. The path is deep within yourself. Know thyself.

A tree told me…

The pain of your life forms the branches which reach toward the light, bearing your brightest colors. As long as you grow toward the energy that nourishes you, you will thrive. Growing is painful, pain is strengthening, strength is energy, and energy creates beauty. A tree told me that.

When you are taken down a path you never would have chosen, you become something that has never existed.

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