No Face to Save

My flesh is 28 years old. I wonder though, how old is that which is experiencing being 28 years old in the flesh? Is it one thing or a current that is always flowing with different energy? Then i ask myself; who am I? It seems we are each other. The energy of everyone’s lives is stamped in time forever and what defines you is determined by the energy that flows through you. The loved ones we have lost are not gone, they just become all of us. It is only our flesh that is limited to itself. We are each other. That is when I realized; I am us.

We are energy

Matter does not, as well as is not, matter in the absence of energy.

There is pleasure in purpose.

Of all the things which entertain, amuse, and stimulate me, it is purpose that I live for ultimately.

I love you is, by far, the most intelligent statement ever spoken by any human. The irony is that it often leaves us feeling like it was the most stupid. Love teaches us everything, and learning requires our feelings.

There is no such thing as an enemy. The word is just a label for one force to be content with the disharmony of another force.  To refer to other humans as your enemy is just evidence of your own unwillingness to reach that harmony. War is primitive and will never be the answer and we are seriously wasting our time and resources just to perpetuate our ignorance. Why does America want to go to war with Iran? It is because of fear, and rightfully so. America has been over-stepping all over the world and our way of life truly has been at the expense of others. Realistic people have used backwards rationalization to justify the need for this, not realizing that our problems will only grow with this mentality. I really hope there will be a shift some day, because it all comes down to mentality. All of our problems and conflicts with each other are created out of thin air. Kids could be taught how to deal with conflicts better than the previous generations, especially when our survival as a species depends on our ability to live in harmony together. The world is very connected now. We can choose to not adopt the failing ways of the past and do something completely new as we realize how capable we are together.

Is fear an effective tool to reach morality?

Would you be a moral person if your reasoning to be moral was only from fear of consequences? Would your true sense of right and wrong fade away because it is no longer used? If somebody is religious just so they won’t go to hell or wherever, what good is that? Why is fear our primary tool instead of culture and education? Why is this not obvious? Look at where money gets spent and it is clear that we are banking on fear rather than education and culture. Maybe people have lost hope in themselves and others. We punish rather than nourish and are convinced that more punishment will fix the lack of nourishment.  It is all backwards…

Part of the Solution

In a time of so much change nothing is more important than having a positive impact on that change individually. It doesn’t matter how small you are.  First you have to love your true self, then the love you find within yourself will reignite your love in others.

You are not my enemy.

Last night i followed a mysterious old man through shallow water. He led me to an island and told me the people were praying for this land. I gazed at the beautiful island in awe as the old man continued walking out of sight. There were a few trees growing up through the flowing tall grass that glistened in the light rays shining through the mountains of clouds drifting overhead. My trance was broken by a large black fish that was so large i could see neither head nor tail. Fearfully I climbed onto the island to escape the danger but the fish began to flap wildly against the shore. The land shook and rocked forward and back until it flipped completely over like a flap jack.  The beautiful land was now a lifeless muddy plain. The fish was there and had grown legs and was much smaller so i ran toward him with violent intentions. Just then, the old man appeared and said the fish was not my enemy. Then I woke up. I would love to hear interpretations…

Empathy pains

Empathy hurts, but so does growing…

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