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Animation/VFX Demo Reel

Check out my work! Thanks!

Bobby Drake FindMuck

A journey through the mind and identity as it transforms. I have been working on this video for about a month now and it is finally finished! I hope you enjoy and I welcome your feedback!

My Life’s (up to this point) Work

Hope you enjoy!!



These are screen shots for an animated music video I am working on for Bobby Drake.  I have never animated so much for one project but I am very excited how it is turning out.  So excited, in fact, that I just had to share a bit of it on here for all of you!  By the way, that little thing in the picture is a ship with headlights on, not a projectile of the abstract “archetype”.


This is the ship that travels through the mind


This is the identity feeling pain as it changes


This is the graceful sub-conscious that dances in the chaos effortlessly


This is the tunnel/path whose walls are separating as the mind breaks free. 

This was created with Cinema 4D

Artist:  Travis Shipley

All content belongs to Travis Shipley…. please do not rip off my hard work.  It feels much better to create it yourself.  Thank you!


Trust in Nature


I might share some of my art on here every once in awhile.  Here is something I made for Danny Hoover and his organic seed company.  Hope you like it!

This was created with Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop

Artist: Travis Shipley

Gravity Turned


Gravity pulls us in.  It is a beautiful thing. 

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