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The Divine is in our Creative Expression

Dance with the Divine and the result is what we call creative expression.  This communication is not solely for our entertainment if we are able to see…

Mortal Divine travis the traveler

-Travis The Traveler


Weathering the Storm

This video was very fun and very tedious.  The result of 10 days of obsession.  Please enjoy the images and if you make it all the way to the bottom, you will find the video waiting your arrival.  Thank you for watching and for weathering the storm thus far.











Worthy Art

The outer world is a tool manifested by consciousness to observe it’s own reflection (self) and projections (art).  The outer world is not the reason for what is reflected but what the consciousness has generated of itself to observe.  It happens in what we could call an organic process where suspended belief is the vessel in which we travel submersed in our creation.

Our thought process has become dedicated to the facts of this outer world leaving us wavering to the illusion of our own projections.  The world is not transformed from the outside.  It is transformed from within and only then can we project this transformation from our observations into our realizations.  This is immediately true with our definitions and agreements to how we set worth and the purposes we have decided for things.  In allowing this immediate transformation we are triggering a cause effect scenario that can only be slowed by our intentional friction.  In time the transformation would be overwhelming for us to currently fathom because we would live in a space without blame for it would be known that the outer world does not create who we are, but we create the outer world and we embrace that personal responsibility with all our being.  This is not to be correct, a concept lacking life and beauty, but to be creators of art worthy of our own observation.

The Great Mirror

Spectrums fluctuate in an interwoven array
Transmuting in cascading cycles of emotions
Countless windows looking out to the great mirror
Of which we can only see ourselves.

Travis the Traveler

Architects of Reality

There is a population growing in a beautiful state of mind.
We are the architects of this state.
Energy and resources may shift to creation rather than preservation.
This allows the old to die
And the new to be born.
The attachments of old
And everything we were sold
attract decomposition
And invites mold.
Let it go
And grow…

– Travis the Traveler

Inspired by:

To Convey a Sense.

To convey a sense is very different than to convey a thought.

Philosophy or Art: 1

As Philosophy, there is contradiction for the mind

As Art, there is contrast for the picture

As Philosophy, we may understand finitely

As Art, we may comprehend infinitely

The brain wants to make sense out of what the consciousness senses, but the brain can never “make sense” because it only receives sense for analysis.  It is the brain that misses the art and feels the need to spell out words that point to what is sensed in order to “figure it out”.  Even the phrase, “figure it out” points to the idea that you are taking something out and figuring it into something understandable for the brain, therefore changing and isolating what was sense.  Comprehend is the infinite version of understand because there is nothing perceivable so limited to be understood.  The potentials and variables are are too much for philosophy to figure out.  The higher form of interpretation is sensing art because all are moving in patterns and by the time you analyze it, it will have already become a different picture to be sensed or missed.

Answers vs. Art

Thought is not simply a path to answering

our relatively relevant manifested questions.

Far more intricately, it is the negative space

lending contrast between our inner/outer worlds.

The goal is not to find correct answers

but to be empowered to paint the relative truths

in ways that invoke appreciation for the scope of view.

Art is the window to apply ourselves as creators

in the same way that we idealize our own creator.


– Travis the Traveler

A Collection of my Art and Quotes for Sharing!

If you enjoy these please feel free to download and share away!







-Travis the Traveler


Self Imprisoned


Deconstruct the prison

you built for yourself


– Artwork by Travis the Traveler

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