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My Award Speech!


I am very thankful for the community here on wordpress.  There are many great minds here working together toward understanding the place we have woken in and the vessels we travel in.  Thank you Naima for nominating me for this award!  So, I think I am supposed to say some things about myself and then nominate the ones who inspire me.  Forgive me if I screw this up…

I am 28, but I see myself as a child still

I spent my teenage years skateboarding like a madman

I have met countless celebrities, though was more impressed with meeting good honest folks

I am a veteran and the time I spent in Iraq was one of my most difficult, yet mind opening journeys

I believe that words can make enough sense to change the world

I have a beautiful daughter, so I have to hurry and finish this up so I can get back to her.

I love you and everybody else with all my heart, especially my enemies, because they need to feel it the most.

I nominate these great folks for this award:

Thank you again and it feels great to be here with you!

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