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The Unworthy Ruler

If you are ruled
you are measured.
And a ruler can only measure you by it’s own dimensions.
How often you are measured
Is equal to the desire to rule in this world…

But the ruler is not worthy to measure you or the world.

We have a good gardener

We have a good shepherd

And if you know it

then you know the measurement of the ruler to be untrue.



Did you sell your stuff or your self?

Beware the influence of the blissful in this world

where sweet lies are sold at high prices

and the value of painful truths go unrecognized.


-Travis the Traveler

The Path From Fear

The path from fear is through that which you fear the most.


Born of insecurity, perfection is far from ideal.

Bars of Insecurity

Social acceptance is a strong archetype

to perpetuate the product we have become.

Projected or Projector?


You are not what is projected

You are the projector


– Artwork by Travis the Traveler

Insight, Outsight and the Art of Perspective Traveling


Step outside of society and the constructed reality that confines us.  We can not see what we are inside of until we step outside of it.

A micro organism can not see if it’s environment is just a part of another larger organism by looking outward from within.  By perspective, it is nearly impossible to do so.  As humans, we have the same problem while we look out to space for answers.  The good news is; that is outsight and the limitations that apply to outsight do not have to apply to insight.  We can travel through empathy in order to gain new perspective and new insights.  Not only can we see through other known perspectives, but we can even see through unknown perspectives to some degree.  For example: We can imagine how we would perceive our world as if we were not from here.  All of the things which are normalized to us become fresh to our perception and we see, not as a citizen or member of society, but as a conscious being.

We have been inside, gainfully employed, educated and groomed since birth to be a part of this way of life.  Everything we perceive is through the lenses of our inherited perspective.  Everything perceivable reinforces and affirms this reality.  As long as our perspective is inside this bubble, it will be all that we know and we will be completely dependent on the managers to provide us with virtually everything we consume and believe in order to maintain this bubble of reality.  Our logic will be based on protecting this bubble and we will not empathize with any perspective that would potentially threaten it.

Understanding this difference in perspective allows us to gain awareness of our options and a truer sense of freedom.  In realizing that it has been a choice all along to maintain and support a constructed reality, we find many moral implications to the choices we have unknowingly made inside the bubble.  We may now truly see the logic in self empowerment and the confinement and moral repercussions of dependency.  

In conclusion; our outsight is limited by our physical senses and capabilities while our insight is limited only by our own personal will power and empathy.  Using empathy we can step outside of any situation we may find ourselves in so that we can see ourselves from an objective perspective which is not wagering on anything, but only receiving clear unconditioned awareness.

Questions like Cockroaches

I am glad there are questions that refuse to die

How boring it would be without them

My Award Speech!


I am very thankful for the community here on wordpress.  There are many great minds here working together toward understanding the place we have woken in and the vessels we travel in.  Thank you Naima for nominating me for this award!  So, I think I am supposed to say some things about myself and then nominate the ones who inspire me.  Forgive me if I screw this up…

I am 28, but I see myself as a child still

I spent my teenage years skateboarding like a madman

I have met countless celebrities, though was more impressed with meeting good honest folks

I am a veteran and the time I spent in Iraq was one of my most difficult, yet mind opening journeys

I believe that words can make enough sense to change the world

I have a beautiful daughter, so I have to hurry and finish this up so I can get back to her.

I love you and everybody else with all my heart, especially my enemies, because they need to feel it the most.

I nominate these great folks for this award:

Thank you again and it feels great to be here with you!

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