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Where We Reside

I peeled myself away from politics when I realized; we can modify the system forever and see no change in results due to the fact that we inevitably manifest what is inside of us. I really love the story of Jesus, whether it happened or not makes no difference to the lesson. His state of mind was in Heaven rather than Hell, which we can all achieve, resulting in Heaven on Earth per-say (remind me not to use that word next time). That was the beautiful side of the lesson, but, there is always a but… The ugly side of the lesson is that it is extremely hard to be the only one. That is where the battle of good vs evil comes to play. It is an intricate world of our own conscious energy competing for different truths that will lead us down different paths. Where does your state of mind reside in? How does that effect the world around you? I am not a Christian or any other follower of religion. I am a human with much to learn from all.

What to follow now?

The one constant that will always be relevant, current, real and applicable to everyone forever is oneself.

What religion do you cheer for?

All religions have much to teach us. Why do people treat them like football teams, choose your sides and oppose all others? They repeat phrases instead of using their own words, they stick their noses in the air and feel sorry for everybody that doesn’t follow the same ignorant bliss. I am pretty sure we are using them wrong. Religion is about spirituality, personal enlightment, and the difference of good and bad with the importance of both. Or maybe i am wrong. I just can’t help but notice the people spreading the message that so and so is the only way are usually making money from you. Offensive, I know, but worth a thought.

Where is Heaven?

Where is Heaven?

We are not hopeless sinners, unless we are hoping for streets of gold. Heaven is in all of us. We are capable. The path is deep within yourself. Know thyself.

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