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The Divine is in our Creative Expression

Dance with the Divine and the result is what we call creative expression.  This communication is not solely for our entertainment if we are able to see…

Mortal Divine travis the traveler

-Travis The Traveler


Message to Myself

We started making noise
We gave meaning to our noise
We made much more noise
We interpreted the noise uniquely
We found our noise inadequate
Unless only for our own interpretation
We continued making noise
Just talking to ourselves
Just hearing ourselves
Even while listening to others
Interpretation translates the noise
To our own noise
In our own language
Not bound by phonetic similarities
Yet we pretend to hear
Pretend to be heard
And in this delusion
We do not wish to know
That every noise we make
Whether yours or others
Is a message to our own self
And nothing more


Lesser the sound
The more profound

Talking to Ourselves

Talking to ourselves
We overheard each other
And began to decipher the noise
While talking to ourselves

– Travis the Traveler



Everything perceivable is communicating with us

The ability to interpret it is our evolution.


– Artwork by Travis the Traveler

Everything is Communication

Everything we perceive, sense and feel is a form of communication.  Life speaks to us no matter where we are looking…. but to interpret this sophisticated language is up to the individual who is perceiving it.  Good luck!

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