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Power of the Internal

The power of what’s internal to effect what’s external is greater than the power of what’s external to effect what’s internal.

What Pain?

The pain of awareness is only as strong as the desire to reject it.


We are everything that has ever been.  And now… We can only become.

God does not serve you

“God does not serve you.  You serve yourself and be one with God.”


The Darkness Inside

The darkness inside will effect us appropriately, determined by our level of rejecting and misinterpreting it.  All those effects end with the willingness to face what is in the dark without fearing and rejecting it.

Cause and Effect

The level of tyranny we experience is determined by the level of dependency we place outside of ourselves.  Tyranny is the effect, not the cause.

Destiny – Manly P. Hall

I don’t usually post videos or anything that came from others, but I am making an exception today. Philosophizing the potential of a destiny for human kind. This is a great lecture by Manly P. Hall.

It is loss you seek, not gain.

It is not words that will be the catalyst for your transformation. It is not logical or strategical thinking that will bring you to clarity. You need nothing beyond what you already have. It is just that what you already have is blocked by what you have defined. Reboot your mind…

Do you remember?

We imitate the primitive survival stage of our evolution because we can’t seem to remember who we are…

A Road Named Time

Are potentials actual reality that has not been chosen? What lies behind door number three already exists, but you may not hold it or see it until you open door number three. Given the concept of time and choice, we are able to travel through and experience the infinite on a linear path.

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