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The Bigger Picture

The bigger picture is not a particular vantage point.
Everybody has a different vantage point to life, which is not 2-dimensional. It takes many eyes to see the whole. We must not argue about what the picture looks like from different angles. Instead, we must travel and allow our perspective to shift in order to see the bigger picture. It is fear and misdirected ego which keeps us stationary and ignorant to other eye opening perspectives. Do not be afraid when others see something you don’t. Allow them to show you.


The Code

Self reliance

Face Value

Face value holds little value except to the face presenting it.

We are the variable.

After realizing the process that we are going through, all we can do is encourage the results. Without the process, there are no results. We are the variable.

Large beasts

We are large beasts with great dexterity. Our capacity for creativity and intelligence is out of this world. Our virtues are noble… Right? Or are we just large beasts?

Where is Heaven?

Where is Heaven?

We are not hopeless sinners, unless we are hoping for streets of gold. Heaven is in all of us. We are capable. The path is deep within yourself. Know thyself.

Empathy pains

Empathy hurts, but so does growing…

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