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Hate Preserves What is Hated

The things we hate

we would rather see destroyed

than to grow

which preserves

The things we hate

we would rather see destroyed

than to grow

which preserves

The things we hate…

Destruction of energy is not an option.  These attempts result in a stagnant state of the energy in focus.

Transmutation is an option.   It is true that the only way is through.

-Travis The Traveler



I must become conscious of the energies that move me time and time again.

The energies are not my identity, but a projection of my interpretation of these energies.

I am choice

forever at the crossroads.

That is my identity.

The Alchemical Worker

All life is the expression of invisible forces which spawn from what is generally referred to as God.  You can destroy the vessels that are moved by undesirable (or desirable) forces, but you cannot destroy the force itself.  It will re-manifest with quantum behavior, showing up where you may not expect it.  An alchemical worker understands how to move these forces and how to be moved by them without being helpless to their will. 


Energy does not dissipate.  It only moves from one place to another.

Zero sum game theory


Petri dish

Contained experiment

All of these agree with the other.

We are Forever

I haven’t felt this alive since the day I was born.

How did I forget I was alive?  Or is that the wrong question?

What did I come to believe about all of this that would take away from feeling alive?

Oh, I see… I believed I was only a part of this instead of realizing that all of this is also a part of me.

I am not just the responsive flesh I travel in.  I am the energy that drives the flesh.

The same energy that has always been here.

I am forever

and so are you.

The more I exis…

The more I exist as myself

The more I effect existence

I am Power

I looked up at the stars and told them with pure honesty;

I am a variable here.  I can only produce a result, which means I am powerful.

They agreed and thanked me for listening, and I thanked them for speaking.

The Truth

All we have to ponder on is relative truth. The truths we seek determine what will be absolutely true.

No Face to Save

My flesh is 28 years old. I wonder though, how old is that which is experiencing being 28 years old in the flesh? Is it one thing or a current that is always flowing with different energy? Then i ask myself; who am I? It seems we are each other. The energy of everyone’s lives is stamped in time forever and what defines you is determined by the energy that flows through you. The loved ones we have lost are not gone, they just become all of us. It is only our flesh that is limited to itself. We are each other. That is when I realized; I am us.

We are energy

Matter does not, as well as is not, matter in the absence of energy.

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