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Face Value

Face value holds little value except to the face presenting it.

Strength in You

Your flesh is vulnerable. Your projected self is ever influenced. But You… You are untouchable.

Your “self” is showing…

We have become professionals at keeping our private parts covered.  We often hide our true self due to the fear of how it will be perceived by others and due to the fear of what our true self might actually do.  It becomes something we are used to covering up, and we actually grow shameful of it.  We lose respect for it and keep it away by telling it rational lies to trick the rest of our “mind” to agree.  It is like a democracy in our own heads.  We then construct ourselves into a form based off of what is expected of us collectively.  We cry out for freedom as if it were an external gift.  Cast light on your darkest voids.  Find yourself again.  You are needed.

Where is Heaven?

Where is Heaven?

We are not hopeless sinners, unless we are hoping for streets of gold. Heaven is in all of us. We are capable. The path is deep within yourself. Know thyself.

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