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Nothing More

When knowledge is power and power is binding

and less is more… more or less

and up, down, left, and right are relative

and perception is subjective

and death is birth

and what is where and who is when

and relevance is spawned from problems

and problems are sought for relevance…

just row your boat gently down the stream

because life is a state of mind

and what we experience is constructed

by nothing more.



Your Power


You are a variable here

Your existence can not be without a result


– Artwork by Travis the Traveler

Happy Thanksgiving!

On this thanksgiving feel blessed for the simple things that allow this existence to be.  Be aware of what we might be inappropriately thankful for that is at the expense of others existence.  

I am Power

I looked up at the stars and told them with pure honesty;

I am a variable here.  I can only produce a result, which means I am powerful.

They agreed and thanked me for listening, and I thanked them for speaking.

Misfit Imperfection

You are the exact misfit imperfection that is desperately longed for.

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