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Without Perspective

To apply knowledge without perspective
Is to fire blindly a well designed gun.
Memorized data, static definitions of labels, justifications and obligations of dead reason.
These are ammunition for soldiers who are not required to think.
Soldiers with a predetermined mission to enforce orders of thought into what they understand and what they are given to look at.
No brief is necessary
Only a childhood of diligence and obedience before any liberating life experience ever has a chance.
They are afraid of the fact that we give reason to reason.
They are afraid of choice
And with good reason.

– Travis the Traveler

Reality of Experience

Reality continues to escape us
Though the experience is constant.
When the experience escapes us
Reality may be revealed.
Understanding reality through experience is like understanding binary code by watching a digital projection of The Wizard of Oz.

A Display of Nature

Our senses are not designed to perceive reality, rather to serve the function of experience in suspended belief.

– Travis the Traveler


Man shows more interest

in being served conveniences

than finding the value

in life experiences

Happy Philosophical Valentine’s Day

In this physical form

forgetting we are eternal

births a gift to forget

and live as a mortal

Nostalgia is the afterlife

of moments past cherished

without forgetting eternity

this experience would perish

Your love is a light to

fill my soul while we exist

nothing so substantial

would spawn from eternal bliss

– Travis The Traveler

Strength of Will

True strength is not achieved by decreasing sensitivity.

That is a mechanism of weakness.

True strength is achieved by the will to sense life in its entirety.

The Little Box


Oh how we wish there were an answer

An answer to fit in that little box

created by our own wishes and desires

We could carry it around with us all the time

like a warm and soft comfort blanket

rather than fearlessly experiencing what is

– Travis the Traveler

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