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Are they Serving Another Master?

The commandments are fought over by people who do not know your word

and many are murdered in the name of the commandments

despite the commandments to love one another

and to not murder one another.

The children want to sing, shout and spray the word

but do not want to live it.

They want to be chosen and receive power over nations

but know nothing of humbling themselves before  you.

They are eager to condemn the ones who stumble on their way

because their faith hinges on social condemnation.

This is no different than the Roman Empire.

How much like their Father are they?

Do they walk in His way?

Or are they serving another master?


Dear God,

I repent for allowing this world to convince me

that you are something other than what you are.

I repent for taking their word for it, before seeking the word you gave to me.

The word which many people died to preserve.

I thank you for sending the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth through Jesus

otherwise there is no salvation in this world.

Thank you for allowing me to receive the bread you send to your children.

Let every step I make be of your will

so that I might see your glory more everyday.


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