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Remember Our Future

When we go, we stop staying still

When we say yes, we say no to what is not yes

When we are happy, it is due to our capacity to feel sad

When we forget our past, we remember our future

Through Your Eyes

There is a future to look forward to
through your eyes.
And that must make you a treasure
in God’s eyes.

– Travis the Traveler

Capable Minds

Empathy is teleportation
Memory is time travel
And thoughts of the future steadily unfold before us.


The now is a result of the past. The only time you can change the results of the future is now. At no other time is something so great a possibility.

We weren’t all blind.

The future generations will not understand how we could not see what was going on all around us. Everything is right in our face but we are blinded by our own false identities, justifications, and constant media influence that exploits our desires and fears. So if this is being read by somebody in the relative future, we weren’t all blind to the control methods. The problem is that we were labeled many discrediting things and ridiculed by blind people who placed all their hope in lies. I am sure you can imagine our frustration. Don’t ever go down this road.

Without Choice?

When we believe all we do is not by choice, but by necessity, all the life inside of ourselves will become smothered in technicalities, and justifications. We will become de-sensitized and disconnected to the potentials all around us. We will fear death without appreciating life. We will see it in others and lose hope for each other. We will be scavengers of monetary gain while the most valuable experiences to be felt will elude us. We will not care about the hopeless others around us and we will deny that we are just as lost. It would be really really bad if that ever happened.

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