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I was a naive hippie.

I once was a naive hippie who thought the plants and trees were more evolved in their nature because they were peaceful and I enjoyed their company.  Once I really got to know them, they showed me they were far more brutal than I and that they were strong enough to face the reality of the situation.  We humans have strange needs for irrelevant concepts and ideals that can only exist in our minds.  We are so afraid of being unhappy with things that we end up living in a desperate delusion.  What fools we are!

-Travis The Traveler


Profit is not our savior.

ImageProfit, it seems today, is what makes our world go around.  If there is no profit we feel we are doomed.  However, in making profit our savior, we have encouraged our desire to consume to a point of drastic irresponsibility in order to feed the profit.  We are led to believe that over consumption is the tangible key to happiness.  Now that we are consuming beyond our means, our fear for lack of resources has risen.  This fear is brought about by our own choices, yet we feel it is out of our control.  That makes no sense, right?  Is it because we feel so very individually isolated?  Is the addiction to extreme consumerism too strong?  Is it because we are just the people, and if anything is going to change it has to be done by the governing powers?  Whatever the reason, one thing is clear: Profit is not our savior.  It plays a role and it can exist as a good thing, but it is not our savior.  When we realize that, we may decide to move forward.

What to follow now?

The one constant that will always be relevant, current, real and applicable to everyone forever is oneself.

The Projector

You are not what is projected. You are the projector.

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