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Stuck in the Field of Battle

We are dealing with many new things coming to light in this lifetime. 

We will choose whether to understand or to condemn what is new to us or what seems out of place or wrong. 

We have had sides for as long as we know which gives creation to battlefields.

This is because balance must persist in harmony with our actions.

By choosing sides balance must persist with an equal degree of opposition.

Now it is time to find ways to bring the sides together (not just in battle) and see it as a formula, knowing that energy does not dissipate, it only moves.

Choosing sides will not make the other side less real.  It is like pain or fear, you have to face it or it will just get louder and louder.

Be humble and curious rather than righteous and condemning and you will find yourself free of the battlefield.


Destiny – Manly P. Hall

I don’t usually post videos or anything that came from others, but I am making an exception today. Philosophizing the potential of a destiny for human kind. This is a great lecture by Manly P. Hall.

The Human Inside

All of our minds are conditioned to operate and communicate in the collective agreed reality, which is a well developed top down system. This system is developed to limit perception for all entities below the top level, which controls all other entities. For most, this translates to a life of suffering and confusion. There is no need to feel offended by this fact. All that is left to do is to decide where to go from here. Thankfully, many are choosing to go inward, toward the eye of the storm. They are finding peace within, where the reasons for strife disappear. In these experiences, we may strip away the accessories of our mind to find the human inside.

You are not your mind or your body

So many great people have walked this earth and left profound and highly relevant messages.  So many small minded people look at these messages as delusional.  They believe life and reality is found in modern culture and government… though they won’t verbally admit it, their choices speak volumes.  You are not a citizen, you are a human.  You do not require regulation, you ask for it.  You are in control of your body and mind, which means you are neither… can you feel it?  Or do you fear it?  

War on Self

Let go of the illusion that we are divided by nations
Then it will be clear that we are at war with ourselves.


Century after century we fought each other for dominance only to find, ultimately there was nothing in it for us.
We then looked back with a foreign eye to the past. Disconnected to the illusion of dominance over love, the new generations were able to find out who they truly were. The ego was no longer in opposition to the spirit. Life became appreciated for what it has always been. Nothing changed, yet everything was different. It was effortless.

Beyond Approval

Look far past the approved truths. Approval often means it suits a motive.

Capable Minds

Empathy is teleportation
Memory is time travel
And thoughts of the future steadily unfold before us.

The more I exis…

The more I exist as myself

The more I effect existence

Danger Triggers Evolution

In the face of most danger you have the option to fight or take flight.
In some cases however, you may realize it is counter intuitive to do either.
This is when you must become clever.
Danger triggers evolution.

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