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The Kingdom of Heaven

A tiny and meek seed has an amazing story bestowed upon it and comes to know the Gardener who planted it.

It is to become a great tree one day.  To be right it must first be tender and sensitive, enduring patiently in long suffering so that it can grow it’s own shape.

A great storm came without notice.  The rain was riding the wind in all directions.  Nothing like this had ever happened before.  Instantly the seedling was pushed over and fell to the ground.  This is where the unclean things would devour each other to become food for the living.  The seedling sensed that all was lost so it struggled no more.  The rains continued to press it into the mud until there was no light to be found.  This is how the seedling met the gardener for the first time.

Right before darkness made sleep the only thing left, the seedling was brought back up to stand in the light.  It was cleansed of the mud and given support in order to make what would be impossible possible.  The seedling realized that there were things happening outside of it’s own direct senses.  There were forces that came in the dark and there were forces that came in the light.

The gardener would visit in the light and it was a relationship of love.  There was some pruning and training which upset the seedling at times, but faith allowed it to trust in the training rather than rebelling to it’s own demise.

When darkness comes it brings with it a cold wet chill and a looming threat of the unknown.  The seedling would cling tighter to the ground each time and it did not understand why it had to be this way.  It would ask, “For what purpose does this darkness have and why must I be left alone in it?”

Time became the enduring response to every question.  This drove the young tree to reach outward in all directions to find answers.  The gardener visited less each day and the sun became more intense.  The tree was thankful for all the darkness which had caused it to cling deep into the ground.  In those depths was endless relief from the heat of the intense sun.

While searching for answers the tree made new relationships.  In the past there were only creepy crawling things and buzzing things, some who would chew on it, and others who would devour those biters.  It came to be that many critters of the furry kind would hug to the tree in times of darkness.  And they would live and play on the tree during the light.  Many times the tree would wonder about the gardener, “Did he know from the beginning this would be as it is?”

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