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A Collection of my Art and Quotes for Sharing!

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-Travis the Traveler



I am Power

I looked up at the stars and told them with pure honesty;

I am a variable here.  I can only produce a result, which means I am powerful.

They agreed and thanked me for listening, and I thanked them for speaking.


Life speaks to us with every breath it has.
It’s just so hard to hear with all this noise were making.
It’s the noise we have placed our hopes in, whereas it should be the harmony.

Normal People

Do not surround yourself with normal people; you will end up just like them.

Focal Point

Focus less on having things
Focus more on experiencing things.

Enable the Super-Consumers


Success should not be measured by the luxuries you obtained during the miracle of your existence.  This is easy to agree with, yet extremely difficult to live by.  It takes the realization that; what our culture obligates us to chase is not what gives us peace in our hearts.  When peace is not in our hearts, it can not exist in our lives.  Sustain yourself and meet your needs, but chase something greater than the same super-consumer dream we are all constantly being fed.

Danger Triggers Evolution

In the face of most danger you have the option to fight or take flight.
In some cases however, you may realize it is counter intuitive to do either.
This is when you must become clever.
Danger triggers evolution.

For the Gods

We can do the same things that define our God or Gods.

Your Wisdom

Knowing is meaningless if your unable to feel.
Experience wisdom, because your own has not yet been written.



Vision is much more than eye sight. It is to see the process instead of the state, the potential instead of the definition, and the truth above the atmosphere of lies.

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