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Most Agree With Jesus Without Knowing It

Did you know that Jesus stood up against accusers?

He revealed how forgiveness was greater for you.

Did you know he taught people to overcome their own faults

rather than focusing on overcoming the faults of others?

Did you know he threatened the power of the religious elite?

He gave it back to the true believers who loved God in their heart.

Did you know he pointed out vanity and lovers of public appraisal?

He taught to be gentle and humble is more righteous in truth.

Did you know he wants you to guard yourself against liars who seek power over you?

He loved you enough to die in humiliation so that you would know for sure that his message is of our Father who also loves us.  The message is to love one another, just as Jesus loved us.

Why would we be upset that these things are the truth and the way so that we will be seen by God who is hoping to give us eternal life?

Are we clinging to men’s traditions or are we running from them?

Jesus is not about men’s traditions or enforcement of any kind.

It is about living for our Heavenly Father who created us and this world with intention.

The things we must learn are greater than men’s traditions

just as the kingdom we inherit is not of this world.

Tree of Knowledge vs. Tree of Life

Knowledge obligates

Life liberates

Knowledge is for enslavement

Life is for choice

Knowledge is true or false

Life is moral or immoral

Knowledge is fed or received

Life is achieved

Knowledge goes on a hard drive

Life is the owner of that drive

This is the difference between the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.

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