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Despite the Burning Sun

And if the only beings

who had a choice of what to become

rejected the gift of free will

and the misery of transformation

there would only be darkness

despite the burning sun


– Travis The Traveler

My Beautiful Wife

My Beautiful Wife

“羅 嘉 慧 THE TRUE TERRORISTS ARE OURSELVES! Most people commit terrorism on themselves every single day, and they do not even realize it, be it drinking that fluoride beer, eating that GMO big Mac, taking in excessive external energy in order to survive even though it is not needed (I know because I do UT). They will always be in the mode of the survival chakra.

We have been in the age of the merchants forever and ever! What most people do not get is that they think this world is so bad after their awakening, but the truth is that good guys (if one wants to assign this duality, for the divine has no such duality) are actually winning along with everything happening the way it should be, which is to seek balance for all things. For whatever labels one wants to assign to the FTURDS (used by me because it is fun with no ill intended), they ultimately gave us a choice between the submission to our flesh or the connection to the divine, and the light to see this choice.

One cannot discount the potential that if they are not put on fluoride or distracted by television, would a girl like me be able to walk the streets without the fear of getting raped? I see the ugliness and insanity in each one of us including me, even with the so called Truther New Age Movement of One Love with all their broken duality of positive/negative, good/bad, right/wrong, light/dark, God/Satan. Even though some of them understand that the divine is infinite or the void (again, another duality), yet they nonetheless assign these dualities to appease their ego, which is nothing more than a human construct needed for their lack of understanding. If the divine is truly infinite, then the divine includes all these dualities housed in one single place because it is. The divine wants us to free ourselves from all these boxes which keeps us all as prisoners in our consciousness and state of being.

I know the divine loves us all because the divine created us all with free will, a consciousness in which one can choose. And that is the Love from the divine and respected by the divine, not to make your life better here, not to be a servant of the divine, not to be children of the universe or God. Otherwise, the divine could have simply made us all like puppets to be pulled on a string or keep us forever and ever in the state of a child. The divine wants us to free ourselves to be empowered so we can stand with them, not below them, because we are all part of the divine (e.g., the infinite). The choice of how we want to use this gift of the free will is up to us. But most choose either to be a victim or a child because they do not want to take the full responsibility of this gift of free will given by the divine.

I, myself, am still healing from this constant terrorism of my inner self, but I understand, at minimum, that I too include these dualities of the human constructs. We all have both the dark and the light in all of us, but the insanity is our assignment of one being good and the other being bad. They are both beautiful and needed in their own way. For example, why does everyone in the spirituality movement try to control their ego? How about instead we treat our ego as a parent to a child with the ego being a child within us because our ego is ultimately part of us? And why do people think fear is a bad thing when it is needed as well because it helps to generate questions for further understanding?

We then can start healing to achieve balance, and not righteousness. And it does not mean you are a jerk for eating meat once in awhile, rather it is the awareness of your choice that is more important than the actual action of eating meat itself. It is very much like raising your child. Do you want to control her through fear and enforcement? Or do you want instead to empower her to make choices without the guilt, but with understanding? And just like your child, you will be able to balance this relationship within yourself and your ego. The light is balance, and not righteousness!

Life comes not with the righteousness of duality, but with the awareness of balance.”

This was written by my beautiful wife, Grace Kawaii. We have chosen to take an amazing spiritual journey together and witness the magic of tuning in the communication that surrounds us like the air we breathe. I love you Grace!

If you like, you can follow her on Facebook but be warned that it is not for the close minded or faint of heart:

Artwork by Travis The Traveler
Model: Grace Kawaii


Shaping Reality

Though my intentions should always be positive, my awareness should never be filtered. Otherwise I am doomed to be irrelevant and misled… with a positive attitude about it.  Do not be afraid to see and experience what we know as bad.  We are conductive and our vessels convert energy at our own will.  It is our fate to take in all, and by releasing what we will, we shape our reality.

Motives Cast Shadows

When we seek to be more self-aware we learn that our motives cast shadows in our understanding.

The Cattle World

Imagine you are from another world and you are gathering information of earth and humans. How would it strike you to find out that we spend most of our resources and energy on protecting ourselves from eachother? What low level life forms we act like, despite our highly evolved physical bodies. Survival is step one and we should be well beyond step one. Most people are so full of fear and/or pride that they refuse to change frequencies. They believe a system can manage the way we remain and that we will never move forward. With that belief, they will be right. We will become more and more, the cattle on the farm. Owned and dominated in every aspect by those who are no more evolved than ourselves. What a mess.

A simple overview of what we face.

We are a culture driven by fear. This reduces our actions to obligations and it perpetuates itself further and further until we have no choice left. This is because; everything is energy, even our thoughts. Since we are perceptual beings, we perceive the duality of our energy as love and fear instead of positive and negative. Fear is the energy of destruction. Love is the energy of creation. When fear dominates our thoughts we collectively generate a massive amount of destructive energy. This is simple logic and the entities that govern, teach, medicate, enforce law and broadcast our news certainly understand this concept. When we have choice, instead if obligation, it becomes very difficult to control and exploit us. Inheritly, that reduces our dependency on those entities which is the last thing they would ever want. This is a power struggle and if we continue the path we have been on, fear will dominate us to the point of no return. Or we can let go of our fears in order to create something better than this. We can make that choice as individuals, driven by the love of a better world, not by the fear of a terrible world. It starts as a personal choice which is your light to cast on the darkness. Let’s shine bright together.

The Energy of Creation

We are all on the long road together.  It is a road inward and though each person has their own road to walk, it all leads to a common, infinite place; a source that we can only interpret as love, or the energy of creation.

Play Along

We don’t have to fight everything that is wrong

when what is wrong depends on us playing along.

What do you say?

What do you say we do something today?

Something to remember

Something to change

Something that will leave nothing the same.

What do you say? Cause I can’t keep pretending it’s all OK.

As if it weren’t all poisoned

As if history were true

As if you were truly you.

What do you say? Cause I am on my way…


Without reason

You and I
We see through what we can’t hide
You are strategic so i took out your reason why
I am hidden so you put a light to my eye
With no reason to hide and no reason to strategize
Love was realized.

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