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Do you see?

Pop stars are idolized for seeking acceptance through extreme materialism

Everything we consume is blatantly poisoned, but we don’t mind for some reason

Medication is dependent on dependency to sustain the industry

Schools teach a complete fairy tale version of history and demand submission to authority

Church is watered down to have no effect on ones spiritual awakening, yet it is very profitable

The almighty dollar is based on debt and our false economy is dependent on debt growth

Government sells solutions to the problems they nurtured in the form of Trojan horses

Mainstream media creates an obligatory social structure of apathy and condescending ignorance

War is the last thing the people want, and it is the first thing the powers want…

…it is all enabled by our conditioning and exploitation.  We must rise out of this madness.  Do you see?

I have seen.  I have taken part.  I have held the war torn girl, no more than four years old.  I have seen screaming faces without skin.

I have lost.  I have lost too many of my friends and even my brother to prescription medication.  Many more are still breathing but completely numb to the beauty of life.

I have looked.  Research, heavy research is not only worth it, but pertinent.  First you find the conspiracy theory.  Then you find the debunk for it.  When you look further you find that the debunk and the theory are both based on fallacies.  Put all of the fallacies together, connect and deduct, then a picture begins to form where everybody was partially right.  It is a catch 22 with only one solution.  It all comes down to us.  It is a choice we have to make.  We must become resilient to the obligations to sacrifice our identities to fear and desire.  We must find strength in who we truly are.  We must rise to a new level of consciousness.  This cannot be given to us by any hand of power or external institution.  The true power is in our own spirit, unconditioned.  Be the change and reflect it to everybody, with no prejudice.  Let them know it is safe to do so because we are all so afraid in these times.  Much love to you all and good luck!


The show must go on!

The American way is theatrical. The fake politics, the fake social behavior, the fake media, the fake economy, the fake history, the fake holidays and everything else that holds the fake show together can go fuck itself… sorry for cursing. The show must not go on!

What now?

There came a day where nearly every man, woman, town, city and nation became buried in debt.
What do you suppose would happen next?

To only judge outward…

All members of any political parties represent and fall under the deceived class of the herd. They all judge each other to be idiots while never seeing themselves as idiots. I want no part in that.

Reserved for the Noblest

Oh great leaders, I regret to inform you that you are losing the support of your followers. We have given you the benefit of the doubt for many decades now, but the evidence of your intentions has become very clear. If you wish to remain in place you will have to prove that you are in place to serve the well being of the people. Our voices are being silenced by the money that serves your interests and the interests of the corporations who bought you out under the table. You say this is just the way it works and we should all occupy a job. How do you suppose we should feel about your request? Our request is that you simply represent the people instead of the money. That is reasonable and realistic. Your request is that we silence ourselves and accept being monitored through highly advanced surveillance tools that we paid for through taxes. You request that we support and pay for violent wars that continue long after self defense is non existent. You request that we do not rally together for what we believe in if it is a threat to your intentions. You request that we give up freedom of speech, our right to trial by jury, and our humanity and empathy toward nations of conflict. I regret to inform you that your requests reveal your fearful, hopeless, and power hungry mentality. We can see you and it is not pretty. Can you see yourself? Please correct your short comings of noble characteristics and we may thrive together. We still have hope in you, and that is why you still have your job. A job that is not for the least or the average, but reserved for the greatest and noblest. Thank you for hearing this.


Are we really doing the best we can? Have we identified the magnitude of human potential or are we stuck on the magnitude of profit? Is that what is mainly driving us? That is the driver of this cosmic vehicle? There are other drivers who are ready and willing to take the wheel. They are not people or establishments or anything else we have created. These drivers are in all of us. They can’t take the wheel unless you choose them. Or we can keep buying into the realistic lies of our constructed reality.

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