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Are we rotten to the core?

Most people are good at heart.  There is no question about that.  The question is; to what degree do we hold moral strength in order to live up to what we are at heart?  How much of ourselves do we sacrifice to experience the temptations of a non-empathetic way of life?

When the only thing we truly have to lose is ourselves, then all we can be vulnerable to is our own choices.  Everything else that we fear losing was not, and never will be ours. 

Information vs. Perspective

Information obligates
Perspective liberates
Information is for enslavement
Perspective is for choice
Information is true or false
Perspective is moral or immoral
Information is fed or received
Perspective is achieved
Information goes on a hard drive
Perspective is the operating system

We must not be driven by information received through an inherited perspective. We must be our own perspective, fully empowered to be, by choice, a perspective of moral strength no matter what any informants tell us we should be and no matter what the masses choose to be.

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