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Decay Feeds Growth

The decaying will always be food for the growing.

We will try to morally object that until we become food.

-Travis The Traveler

Hate Preserves What is Hated

The things we hate

we would rather see destroyed

than to grow

which preserves

The things we hate

we would rather see destroyed

than to grow

which preserves

The things we hate…

Destruction of energy is not an option.  These attempts result in a stagnant state of the energy in focus.

Transmutation is an option.   It is true that the only way is through.

-Travis The Traveler

It Will Move

Everything is in context or in relation to another

Even that which is set in stone

is erased by the motion of life

What can we know without a doubt?

It will move.

No Duality 2

The wheel must rise and fall at the same time in order to move forward.


I must become conscious of the energies that move me time and time again.

The energies are not my identity, but a projection of my interpretation of these energies.

I am choice

forever at the crossroads.

That is my identity.

Reluctant Motion Today

Not sure why I get so impatient and I start looking for escape routes the moment a person begins to talk about a past moment or how they are opposed to something.  It makes me feel trapped against my will.  I try to not feel that way, but I still do.

Not sure why I have a hard time keeping touch with people, but I do.

I feel like social activity is noise which blurs our own vision.  Yet, I experience loneliness while alone and I feel guilt for being reclusive.

It is as if there are feelings or forces that are not there to make sure you are where you ought to be, but only that you continue moving.

Not sure, not sure, not sure…. but I will continue moving.

All Forms of Movement

The mind is a council of gathered and generated perspectives asked to converse with the soul in all forms of movement.

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