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Bobby Drake FindMuck

A journey through the mind and identity as it transforms. I have been working on this video for about a month now and it is finally finished! I hope you enjoy and I welcome your feedback!



These are screen shots for an animated music video I am working on for Bobby Drake.  I have never animated so much for one project but I am very excited how it is turning out.  So excited, in fact, that I just had to share a bit of it on here for all of you!  By the way, that little thing in the picture is a ship with headlights on, not a projectile of the abstract “archetype”.


This is the ship that travels through the mind


This is the identity feeling pain as it changes


This is the graceful sub-conscious that dances in the chaos effortlessly


This is the tunnel/path whose walls are separating as the mind breaks free. 

This was created with Cinema 4D

Artist:  Travis Shipley

All content belongs to Travis Shipley…. please do not rip off my hard work.  It feels much better to create it yourself.  Thank you!


Conflict of Sense

Most Americans agree, it is only the people around them that are getting dumber…. If this was a mathematical statement, how would it add up?

The one


It’s in all of us.  The hero, the protagonist, the one.  We are just buried deep within our acceptable, safe, constructed selves.  We are the vessels that suppress the energies that burn inside us everyday.  What we are capable of is mind blowing.  Deep down you know that is true of yourself, don’t you?  You might not be alone.
Most people seem to be doing the same things so we construct our projected selves to fit in and thrive according to the environment, but that is not who you are.  You created that while being influenced by the social structures you spent your time in.  You are the driver of the vessel.  You decide what to project to the world.
We have developed our environment to be as systematic and mapped out as possible.  Everything seems mundane because we feel that we were designed for much more.  The tools and resources we already have are capable of taking us to better places if only we knew how to harness them.  Is that wishful thinking or is it what fuels growing toward our potentials?  For example; there was a time that I could not do a kick flip on a skateboard.  It tried and failed miserably.  I wished I could, not by effortless will, but by practice, and my wish came true.  The skateboard does not exist to kick flip itself, it will just sit there unless somebody who believes in their own potential harnesses it as a tool.  Had it not been for the first guy to ever perform a kick flip, it may have never been viewed as something we were capable of doing.  It was only designed to roll, not flip at that point.  The skateboard transformed after that and so did the beliefs and abilities of the riders.  You can study the mechanics of the skateboard forever and never translate it into the revelation of a kick flip.  You learn to ride it by feeling it, falling down, and trying again.  You get results that way, the kind you might not believe in had you not experienced it yourself.  What makes this difficult to grasp, metaphorically and literally, is that the skateboard can always hurt you if you are not careful.  You will fall and that is part of understanding.  You must catch yourself and not lose sight of your potential if you are to succeed.  Some will not be able to ride the skateboard and they will give up and advise others to do the same.  Others will wish they could, but fear will tell them that they are too smart to try.  The worth and the point of doing a kick flip can not be measured through the skateboard itself.  The worth is in the entity that knows what they experienced was intangible life manifested by a personal belief in themselves and it was much more real than anything they have ever read or been taught.  Just don’t run into any parked cars.

What religion do you cheer for?

All religions have much to teach us. Why do people treat them like football teams, choose your sides and oppose all others? They repeat phrases instead of using their own words, they stick their noses in the air and feel sorry for everybody that doesn’t follow the same ignorant bliss. I am pretty sure we are using them wrong. Religion is about spirituality, personal enlightment, and the difference of good and bad with the importance of both. Or maybe i am wrong. I just can’t help but notice the people spreading the message that so and so is the only way are usually making money from you. Offensive, I know, but worth a thought.



We are everything that has ever been. Now we must become.

You got one shot

Somehow the majority live their lives as if they lost value in it. This could be it, your one shot at being a human on Earth. What are you made of? It is not too late to change everything.

Identity theft

Identity theft happens not when your credentials are stolen and used. You should never refer to those as your identity. True identity theft is when you give yourself up to the idols that are created to profit from your sacrifice.

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