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Dominant Truth

We can choose whether to be; humans in love with each other, or assets in fear of each other. These are relative truths, meaning there is potential for both truths to be manifested. Whichever truth becomes further manifested will project dominance over the other. Which truth do you feel is dominant in yourself and the people around you?


Variable Reality

Nature is the only constant when formulating reality.
Everything else is a variable which also implies it is temporary.

Pain is a Guide

Pain drives change
Change is evolution
Pain is not your enemy, it is your reason. It guides growth to where it should grow.

Stand My Ground


I want out of this systematic way of life, but I do not see the way. I head for the direction out but it is always blocked. I would live in a tree by a lake. It would not be a community, just a place I could exist. I would grow a garden and fruit bearing trees. I would catch fish and show respect for the nourishment they provide me and my family. I would not be too busy for my daughter everyday and stressed out every night. I would not worry about having leaders with power hungry agendas. I would not worry about the poison being spread through food supplies, water, air, entertainment and news. I would not fear about the instability of an economy based on debt as a means to slavery. I would not worry about all the obligations and expectations of a blinded herd. But right now I still worry and fear all of those things. There is no plot of land that is safe from the intentions of the elite and the reckless reactions of the herd. I can not opt out of this madness, I can only face it and stand my ground…

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