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If time is a re…

If time is a result of perception

to travel through time is to travel through perception



Time is Perception Recollected

If time travel were possible, would it be a mental journey that would be real enough to stimulate the senses as effectively as the “now” does? Or would it be a physical journey where the frequency time stamp of all matter could be manipulated back and/or forward?
If it were a mental journey it might have no consequence to the future except for the personal change the traveler experiences. If it were a physical journey there would be great consequence to the manifested realities.
I feel like it would most likely be a mental journey and someday we will give it more credit even though it is not physical. We already practice time travel with our foggy memories and speculations of the future. The future is potential, so there is no defined place that is the “official” future. The moment anything happens it instantly becomes a memory to travel to. The “now” is a sensation and it can only be felt. Due to the time it takes to rationalize anything current, it will already be a memory or a speculation of the future before you have a chance to think.
It is amazing that we have a “now” to experience. Time travel is overrated when you really think about it. I feel in the now, therefore I think as a form of time travel. Had I not felt the now, for what reason would I think?

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