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Feeling is believing

When telling people how amazing they truly are, they will pretend to believe you. This is because hearing is not believing and neither is seeing. Believing is feeling and everything else is a means to get there.

Ocean of the Defined

I am swimming in an ocean of defined people with defined realities and they think I am behind or underneath their intelligence because I don’t know their definitions as my own truth. I only see potential, there are no definitions. The only truth to me is the result of what we choose to believe.




Vision is much more than eye sight. It is to see the process instead of the state, the potential instead of the definition, and the truth above the atmosphere of lies.

Welcome to Life


Welcome to life.  You have been equipped with a human body to travel in as your vessel.  You will experience many sensations during your lifespan.  You are very lucky.  Do not waste away this opportunity to believe you are anything less than your own potential.

They will tell you that you are just a consumer.  You do consume, yet you are a human.  They will tell you that you are just a collection of responses to stimuli.  You do respond to stimuli, yet you are a human.  They will encourage you to fall into a political party.  They will encourage you to choose sides.  They will encourage you to fit in a label.  When you finally fall into place you will receive credibility from the appropriated places others fit into as well.

You are easier to manage when you attach your identity to labels.  Your nature protects your identity no matter what you believe your identity to be.  If you are led to believe you are less than what you potentially are, you will enforce that belief in other identities as well.  This is because of our need for self validation from others.  The purpose of self validation is to confirm reality.

When many believe themselves to be less than who they are, it becomes difficult to understand the reality of who you are.  You just got here, so what do you know?  You must be told who you are.

So I am here to tell you something that we should all tell each other.  You are life itself.  You are the reality that is yet to be revealed.  You are everything that ever was, and now you must become.

Stand My Ground


I want out of this systematic way of life, but I do not see the way. I head for the direction out but it is always blocked. I would live in a tree by a lake. It would not be a community, just a place I could exist. I would grow a garden and fruit bearing trees. I would catch fish and show respect for the nourishment they provide me and my family. I would not be too busy for my daughter everyday and stressed out every night. I would not worry about having leaders with power hungry agendas. I would not worry about the poison being spread through food supplies, water, air, entertainment and news. I would not fear about the instability of an economy based on debt as a means to slavery. I would not worry about all the obligations and expectations of a blinded herd. But right now I still worry and fear all of those things. There is no plot of land that is safe from the intentions of the elite and the reckless reactions of the herd. I can not opt out of this madness, I can only face it and stand my ground…

Without Choice?

When we believe all we do is not by choice, but by necessity, all the life inside of ourselves will become smothered in technicalities, and justifications. We will become de-sensitized and disconnected to the potentials all around us. We will fear death without appreciating life. We will see it in others and lose hope for each other. We will be scavengers of monetary gain while the most valuable experiences to be felt will elude us. We will not care about the hopeless others around us and we will deny that we are just as lost. It would be really really bad if that ever happened.

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