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Elaborate but Finite

Live life as if it were all designed as a puzzle just for you. Who knows, maybe you designed it for yourself as a challenge. After all, elaborate is just a relative term… and so is the term; you.


The now is a result of the past. The only time you can change the results of the future is now. At no other time is something so great a possibility.

Are we relevant?

You have been chosen to exist. Therefore, you have great relevance.

Misfit Imperfection

You are the exact misfit imperfection that is desperately longed for.

Why do you speak?

One must ask; for what purpose do I speak? Otherwise you will know not what you do.

How much more…

People cry out for their god to show them their purpose all the time. After it is shown to them, they usually say, “no, not that one, that is crazy! Can I just win the lottery instead? Let me see what the television will tell me.” They start to wonder why they feel empty and god says, “how much more do you really need me to tell you?”. And that is how we got to this point.

No definitions

I can’t define anyone or anything. I can only point to its potentials.

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