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Reluctant Motion Today

Not sure why I get so impatient and I start looking for escape routes the moment a person begins to talk about a past moment or how they are opposed to something.  It makes me feel trapped against my will.  I try to not feel that way, but I still do.

Not sure why I have a hard time keeping touch with people, but I do.

I feel like social activity is noise which blurs our own vision.  Yet, I experience loneliness while alone and I feel guilt for being reclusive.

It is as if there are feelings or forces that are not there to make sure you are where you ought to be, but only that you continue moving.

Not sure, not sure, not sure…. but I will continue moving.

Shattered Questions

The point is not to answer questions, but to shatter them.

– Travis the Traveler

The Little Box


Oh how we wish there were an answer

An answer to fit in that little box

created by our own wishes and desires

We could carry it around with us all the time

like a warm and soft comfort blanket

rather than fearlessly experiencing what is

– Travis the Traveler

Inspired by:

Ascension Masters

Answers often die, never to be resurrected

Questions, on the other hand, must be ascension masters

Questions like Cockroaches

I am glad there are questions that refuse to die

How boring it would be without them

Unless we ask the right questions
our answers will mean nothing.

The Wisdom Keeper


As I approach the top of the mountain I see a figure sitting at the top. She says to me, “you must ask the right questions”.

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